Monday, March 25, 2013

I am working well with my comp. But I am still having a hard time with comparing myself to others. That is one of the worst things to do as a missionary. Sometimes I think that the members like my comp better than me but it doesn’t matter  because to have success in the mission for me is between me and the Lord and no one else.  I am trying really hard  not to compare myself to other missionaries and just devote myself to the work. Also my comp keeps telling me to calm down and not be so mad all the time. But I don’t feel mad and I don’t get mad at him so I don’t know what he is talking about.  He also gets mad at me if I don’t understand something in Spanish and says I never listen except for the things I want to listen to in Spanish. This bugs me because I am trying so hard to learn the language and I always speak Spanish. I will just try to keep improving.

I got my Easter package and for about two days I was the best missionary in the pension so that was pretty cool.  Thanks for the help. I knew that I could buy friends!! no just kidding… but the other missionaries were really happy to share the candy and most of it is already gone so we won’t have much for actual Easter, But thanks a lot for that. 

The work here is good, but Emmurson and Paula our best and strongest investigators and they didn’t come to church this week.  We are changing their baptism date to a little bit later.  It is better this way because we don’t want to just baptize them and then have them leave the Church. I think it is so important to really work with the people and help them feel the spirit because that is the only thing that will change their hearts. My words are nothing. but if the Lord could work through me that could mean everything. I love the mission and hope I can continue to help people and improve my ability to teach with the spirit. Many times I feel inadequate to do this work.  I don’t feel like I know anything and I definitely cant teach very well especially in Spanish. But the Lord said he calls the weak to preach is word. I really just want to work for the Lord and do the best I can during my mission.  I know if I do all I can that the Lord will accept my efforts. I am thankful for the love and grace He has for usf. 2 Nephi 25:23

I feel like I should write more but there really isn’t that much to write. We walk almost all day in the streets talking with people.  My fingernail fell off and I am trying really hard to choose to be happier enjoy the mission. Gram sent me a letter and said that Happiness is a choice not a condition. Sometimes I don’t feel happy in the mission, I feel stressed to work with my comp and because I am in a hard area. But seriously the people I know and the experiences I have had I feel like I should always be happy because it is incredible here in Chile. I am going to be Happier!! I only have two years to serve the Lord full time 

Thanks for all your letters I love to read them and I am so thankful I have a family that Supports me so much!

Paz y Amor

Elder Christensen


So primero I smashed my finger in a door this week really hard and i am going to the doctor tomorrow to get my finger nail taken off. Also it is really hard to type so this letter might be a little shorter than the rest. I have some Crazy things to talk about today,

First, there is a member of the El Parron ward who is going to Utah in June and wants to visit you guys and if you want to send anything to Chile she said she can bring it back with her! That would be really cool for her to meet the family.

Also we have a really strong investigator that I am excited about.  Hhe is 10 and he is coming to church with his mom who is an inactive member. His baptism date is the 14th of  April and I am really excited to keep working with them to help them for baptism. The work is so awesome!!

I know this is the work of the Lord and I have a strong testimony7 that Jesus Christ is our savior and is leading this church today we are so blessed

Les Quiero

Elder Christensen

It's Tough Leading the Sector

Well last week was a little rough leading my sector for the first time and making all the decisiions and talking in Spanish all the time. But this week we destroyed! we had 18 lessons which is the most we have had in a long time and we are working really hard with Emmurson and his mom Paula.  Emmurson is really the only person we are teaching right now that is progressing and learning anything. He is 10 years old. I feel like I am teaching Ben the Gospel when I teach him. It is challenging but also fun at the same time. We have to search and find different ways to teach the Gospel and help him understand.  It is like an adventure and I am always ready for that!!

So I think i have reached the stage where I can communicate and talk with everyone so they understand almost everything I say, but my understanding of spanish isnt too good still. So this Change I am trying really hard to work on my understanding so I can be a better messenger. Also I am trying to polsih my spanish and study up on the grammer so I can sound like a missionary and not a 3 year old. But It is hard to measure progress with the language I just talk and hope it is correct sometimes but I think that just means I need to study harder.

Also I think this is the thing I need to change the most. I am a missionary and I talk about Christ all day everyday but still I forget him. I forget him when we are walking house to house and everyone we talk to is not interested and won't listen to anything. Then I remember him when we talk to someone and they say "ya come in I have some questions for you". Well it is never like that but the point is I remember him in the good times but not the hard times. I am trying to focus and him always because this is not my time it is His time. And when we focus on Christ we are focusing on others too. Thats the Goal

Ether 12 says to search for Jesus in our lives. Are we all searching for him or are we just living lives waiting for him to find us. We need to search Him out because he is there but it is our job to take the step of faith and act. He is waiting for us to find him by helping others and searching the scriptures and doin all good things. Moroni 9:6 says we should work until the end and if we don't we will be under condenacion. This life is the time to work and prepare to meet god and the next life is the time to rest from our labors. I LOVE WORKING!!!

Les Quiero

Elder Christensen