Monday, February 24, 2014

I Love to Run!

This week was a week that required a lot of running. We had two investigators that were preparing to be baptized on Saturday. C, who was ready and happy. Then we had A M who didn't believe in the Book of Mormon yet.
Wow we visited her Monday and we said if you come to know that the Book of Mormon is true before Saturday will you be baptized? She said yes. So we taught her and left about 8 chapters for her to read. We went back on Wednesday and had a good lesson and we asked at the end if she believes the Book of Mormon is the Word of God? She said no. Chuta!  Well we kept praying and we planned a lesson with her for Thursday because her baptismal Interview was Friday. So Thursday we got to the church and we started talking about her doubts. She was confused about the Virgin Mary and Polygamy and a bunch of rumors she had seen on Facebook. So we answered all of her questions with the Book of Mormon and there was a lot. We were there for about and hour. 
So after the lesson ended and she said, Well, I don’t have any more questions or doubts so I’m getting baptized on Saturday!! It was so cool!

How can we not trust and believe in the Book of Mormon. We didn't do anything--we just read. This book is true, I know it. It works miracles. We are seeing so many miracles here in Melipilla we have three other Investigators who want to be baptized so we just have to keep working hard. 
I am happy God is working miracles here. 
Love you All 
Elder Christensen


The Real Melipilla

Monday, February 17, 2014

We run, there is no time to Walk!

This week was so cool. We literally were running the whole week. We had to go to Santiago which always takes about an hour and a half. Then we finished up a meeting at 5 and we had a baptism inter view to do at 6 so we jumped and the bus and...Slept. Well, only until we got to Melipilla then we jumped off did the interview which was a miracle!!  And ran to an activity in the church we also and a lesson and wow Good times.

Now, going back to the interview; I was able to do the Baptism interview for a man named I, who is only six months older than I am, but he always calls me “youngling”. He is a miracle. A month ago I was on divisions and we were going to a baptism service and as we entered the Church a young man outside stopped us and asked if he could go in and see the church. This man is named I. He went in and saw the baptism, went to church the next day, and met the missionaries that were going to teach him. And now he is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. Ok no one can tell me that is not a miracle.

Other, We received a reference a month ago of a girl named C. Her dad is a member but the parents are separated. We got to her house and asked her if she would be baptized on the 22 of February. She said yes. Now in 5 days she will be baptized!! And last, we are teaching a Professor of Religion named A M. She also said she would be baptized this Saturday. She said she is not sure yet but will try her hardest to read the book of Mormon and pray so she can know that this is the church of Jesus Christ. I know she will get an answer.

I am a fan of the simplicity, Like Nephi. I am here because I know That this is the Church of Jesus Christ, I know the Book of Mormon is True, Joseph Smith was called by God to be a prophet, and that this church has the keys to seal families for Eternity. I want everyone else to know that too. That is all

I love you all especially my mom
Elder Christensen

Celebrating Valentine's Day  missionaries style

District President's wife makes specialty cakes

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Elder Alfaro finished up his service this week; He served a total of 2 years and 2 weeks. And today he left to go home to Argentina. I am not going to lie I will miss the guy. I feel like I always say this but he was my most favorite companion that I have had. We got along really well. We worked hard and it was just a blast. To top it off we did a White wash together. But he’s has other things to do. And I have to keep going.
Do Not Leave!

I am super happy to receive my new Companion, Elder Felipe from Lima Peru. He is really cool. He is 27 and is a recent convert. So lets see, Elder Largo, Elder Alfaro, Elder Felipe: All of them had about 3 years of being members. So that was cool. Elder Felipe is a quiet guy from what I can tell of our day together. But I always get nervous at changes because I get all comfortable with my companion then I don’t know how we are going to get along.  I don’t know anything. So the first week is a little weird. But I am really happy to be working with Elder Felipe we are going to have a good Companionship.

I am thankful for all your support and help. I got your valentine too thanks! 
I know if we work our hardest to do what God wants, he will bless us and we will see miracles in our lives. I love you mom and dad!

Elder Christensen


more friends

More Activities

Empandas with Nuero Companero

Monday, February 3, 2014


Wow, we have had some big things happen. First, Nathanael gets married before I get back. I am happy for him. Send me a video or something so I can know how it all goes. Also, did you know that John Durham’s sister is in my mission? Anni Durham.  She is Peter’s age, I think. That was a weird experience too!

Such a small world brings many miracles!

This week we invited all the people we could to be baptized and almost all of them said yes. So that was really cool. We have a ton of work to do though because the invitation is always a goal. So we still have to prepare everyone for their baptisms. That means teach all the lessons and help them recognize the answers to their prayers and gain a testimony. That is a lot of work. But it is well worth it. Three of the people who said yes to baptism came to church with us. It rocked because it was the Sunday of Testimonies which is the best!

This week we literally had a “we bout a zoo moment”. We were walking down the street and a cow ran past us in the middle of the road. From where? I still don’t know. But I thought of when the bear gets loose from the zoo and they had to go get it. The regret of the week is that I did not take a picture. I am thankful for all the experiences in the mission.

Today we went to a dam in the country it was really cool.   We had a tour and saw a bunch of carp fish and we played some games. It is really hard to make everyone happy but I think everyone enjoyed it.

Last, I finished reading the book of Mormon today. I know it is true, when I read it  I feel like I enter a bubble where there is no noise or worries and I can just focus. It also makes me think a lot on what I can do more and how I can serve others better.  Am I too focused on myself still? I hope not, but I know I can do more to help others.   I want to be more compassionate and observe better so I know who needs help and I can know how to help them. I am trying to learn to ponder more on what I read and learn so I really understand it and apply it in my life.

I love you all and as always especially I love my mom
Elder Christensen