Monday, July 29, 2013

Good week

I don’t really feel like I have that much to write this week but we have been working really hard. We had a ton of lessons this week so that was good and we found a ton of new investigators. I am trying my best to be a good trainer, but like the rest of the mission I just have to do my best and it is ok to feel a little lost.
My Comp, Elder Largo is really quiet.  He doesn’t want to talk, ever. When we are walking in the street I try to talk about the Gospel first and then everything else, but I just run out of things to say. I don’t know what a can tell him to get him excited to work but I know I have to help him. I can show by example and do the best I can. He has a really strong testimony and wants to be in the mission but he is afraid to talk. When I tell him he has to do a contact he gets really nervous. I guess I was the same when I got here in Chile 7 months ago. It is weird how fast you progress is in the mission. I never wanted to talk with people in the street but now it is something normal. I still get scared sometimes but I just do it. I had an idea to go back and read my Journal in the time that I was being trained so I could see what I wanted my trainer to do differently then I can do those things. I know the thing that is most important is to just love my comp and to do all I can to help him progress. And we need to be obedient so we can have miracles. 
There is something called vision. Vision brings miracle and desires to work. If we have a vision for three baptisms this month, which we do, we will get them. I know that we can help people prepare to change their lives.  We just have to keep moving on with Faith. The vision is super important!
Thanks for all the support and your prayers I know that the mission changes lives and I know that one thing at least, it has changed me. I know now that the Church is not just a religion it is how we can communicate with our God. I know this is His church and I know that he is perfecting us through our trials and challenges. I love the mission and my Savior Jesus Christ
les Quiero 
Elder Christensen

Thursday, July 25, 2013

One Week Down
 I have been training for one week and it went well. I still feel a little overwhelmed with the responsibility. I am thankful for it though because I am excited to learn and do my best to help my new companion Elder Largo from Argentina. I feel like we have the gained the confidence of many of the members and I am excited to continue to work with them. I am talking a lot now in the lessons too because my companion ya know is new and is a little scared to talk. But he has a powerful testimony and is excited to be her working so I am stoked to work with him.
                                                                    Elder C and Elder L
We had an awesome conference this week with Elder and Sister Zebaillos of the Seventy and he is from Chile.  His wife talked to us about what we need to do to have the spirit with us at all times. She said we need to pray but we should meditate before and after to decide what we need and to wait and listen for the answers. Then study the scriptures and use our time well, and the normal things. Also a point that she said was that we need to be PURE in HEART.  There is no better place to learn how to be pure in heart than in the Mission. I am going to study purity and I have desires to learn more about how I can become more pure in heart and bring the sprit into my life. 
Elder Zebaillos talked about doing all that we can and teaching with the spirit. He said we don’t know our potential but God does. We should pray everyday that we can do all we can in the work. I know that God will help me be a good missionary and trainer if I humbly search his help through prayer and search for opportunities to serve others. I am really excited to train and improve as a missionary. Also Sister Zebaillos asked what is our limit? How much can we do? We will never know if we are not out working and pushing our limits to improve. I hope to push my limits everyday and search for my limits.
Thanks for all the support and I hope that all of us will continually push our limits to do the will of God and so he can work through us!
With Much Love Elder Christensen

Paz y Amor

New Companion, New Mission President

Monday, July 15, 2013


Wow what a week what a week. This week just so happened to be the last week that Elder Guevara and I would work together.  it was a week for the record books. We destroyed all of our records for lessons and new investigators and more members were helping us. So GREAT!   We had the best week I have had here in El Mirador.  I know that it is just going to keep getting better. I am very happy and very excited to work here.

We had two miracles that were huge this week!!  First we had a family home evening with a family and they invited their friends to come and listen to us. And they came! It was a family.  The parents are L and M and they brought two of their four children C y C.  They are 8 and 7 years old. They were super fun and we explained a lot about Joseph Smith and the Plan of Salvation. Also, we talked a little about tithing because L said he hates that churches charge tithing only so the leaders can get rich. We explained what we use tithing for and he was impressed and liked it a lot. Then we also explained some of our rules as missionaries and they really liked it. They said they don’t believe in God but they are going to read the book of Mormon and we are going to visit them again. So I think that YES they believe!

Second Wednesday we had our correlation meeting and we were twenty minutes late. When we got there we had a surprise. There was a couple there and they were waiting for us. Their names are J and T.   J is a member and he said the T wanted to be baptized!!  Then we continued to talk with them and they told us that they dated as youth. But T moved away to Santiago from the South of Chile. So they didn’t see each other again for 40 years! Then J went to visit his old home and found Teresa there. Both of there spouses had died. So they are dating again!  Super Crazy!. But T is very open and prepared to be baptized. We are teaching her the lessons and she came to church Sunday and is reading the Book of Mormon. This week we didn’t find the people. The people found US. That is the biggest miracle of all. People who are prepared and want to know God better are finding us!

Last We divided my Sector and we have new Sister missionaries in the other half of El Mirador. So we are going to have to help them a ton this Change so she can know more members and the investigators in the other half of the sector. I am stoked to help them and I know we are going to have a ton of success here!

Last I also received the call to TRAIN this change!!. So I will be a dad in the mission! I am going to meet my new companion tomorrow fresh from the MTC. I am super excited to train and I know that my new missionary will bring a ton of excitement and power to the ward. Really we are going to take out the trash these two changes. I feel scared but also super excited that I can help bring a new missionary into the field! It is a huge responsibility but I know that if I trust in God, do the best I can , be obedient with exactness, and pray always and study the scriptures I will have Gods help. We are never alone in this work. I feel like I am starting the mission again I have butterflies in my stomach! รง

Thanks for all of the help and support. I know that this is the Lords work and we are his servants. We have to do the best we can to help him save as many of his children as possible. WOW How can we not Press on in such a great cause?

LES Quiero Muchisimo

Elder Christensen

Elder John Keddington and Elder Christensen
Seeing each other for the first time in the mission.  Home ward friends!

Monday, July 8, 2013


Another week has flown by. It has been crazy. At first I thought this change was going slow. But now we have less than a week left. I don’t know what happened. Today was cool.  We got together with another zone 5 de April. And just happens that my Trainer Elder Camus is the zone leader for them so we got to talk a little. We also played soccer and ultimate frisbee and we had a bbq. It was really fun.

Mom you sent me a letter about happiness and it just so happens that we talked about our happiness as missionaries a ton this week.  Mosiah 2:41.
But obviously in the mission happiness starts with your obedience. We cannot be happy when we know we are acting against the will of God. If we are obedient with exactness we will be happy.  Then it is important to believe that we can be happy here in the mission. I am trying to say that ´I am a happy missionary every day. I am happy I am happy. And I try to smile a lot, And Guess What. I am happy!!!  I am the happiest I have been in my mission. I have joy to wake up early and jump rope. And don’t get me started on my studies, they are a blast!!  Who knew that everyday in the scriptures there is something new. Well everyone did, but it still rocks.  I still have my challenges and the things I am trying to improve on,  but I am happy. I love the mission.
And Kristin sent me a box. That was really nice of her. She definitely pulled a wizard moment. I was looking for small notebooks to buy so I could write the spiritual moments in my day in them. Then I got two in the mail form Kristin....Coincidence??  I think not!!!  Thank you Kristin!  You Rock!
I also set three goals for the change.  I am going to read the book of Mormon with all the investigators and converts and less active members we have. If we teach, we read the Book of Mormon to teach, we read a chapter always. The people I know will love the Book of Mormon like they should. Then I am going to study by topic and have a real uplifting conversation with my Comp everyday.  We are going to talk about things that really matter and will bring us more unity.  I am excited for these goals and I feel good about them.
Last we met Pres Barreiros and his wife this week. They rock!!! I am stoked to work with them  They started off the mission working in divisions with missionaries to teach lessons. They also focus a lot on Genereal Conferene so we are going to study the talks always in the mission. I am really excited about that. I always listen to a GC talk in the morning so I am excited to study them more. They focus on the family.  We always need people to know that our goal for them is the Eternal Family. I use my picture with people and say. I have an eternal family and I want you to have one too.  Super cool!  The President is super happy and excited to work.  So they told us we will NEVER have ´Problems´ in the mission only Challenges. WE can work through challenges so we are going to be more positive and happy. Ever missionary will return with honor.  We will learn how to live our lives by learning through our trials and challenges. Problems don’t exist. Last, President said that everyone will learn English.  We have to help him teach the missionaries English.
I am super excited to work in the mission!!!
DId you guys watch the video? I hope so did you like it?
Last I have a talk for you-- I hope you can read it and apply it in your lives
it is called “How to make a Gospel Sharing home”. By Elder Ballard. I know this will help prep my siblings for the mission and help the church grow,
Please Read it.
I love you all a ton seriously!
Much Love,

Elder Christensen


Monday, July 1, 2013

New Mission President

First I have attatched this video from you tube that is the coolest thing of all time. I want everyone everywhere to see it because everytime I watch it I get really excited to be a missionary. This is a video of Presidant Eyring and Elder Holland and it is super powerful and I think after watching it everyone has desires to serve a mission so I hope you all will watch it.
Also we had a ton of rain this week and I couldn't take pictures because I was afraid that my camera would get ruined.  It was raining sideways for one day and then for three days the streets were like rivers because the draining system isn't that great here in Chile.  We had to climb a fence at one point in our day so that we didnt get soaked. The water was covering the whole street and all the sidewalks. But we had a fun time too.   And I tested out my rain coat finally.  It works well but I was soaked below the knees.  But it is always fun to walk around in the rain.  I always thought we would have more succes because people would see two young muchachos and feel bad for us. But they don't care.  We have less success because no one wants to leave and go out.  
This week we got a new president.  I have not met him yet but we have interviews on Saturday so I will get to know him.  I have heard cool things though.  President Barreiros and his wife left the office to work in the field their first week.  They left to teach lessons with the missionaries and knock doors and everything.  I think that is super cool!! They are really here to work and they brought a ton of excitement to the mission too! So I am excited to meet them.
 We had some good succeses this week.  First we were able to invite one of our investigators  to be baptized and she said yes. Her name is M  and she was a reference we got from a member.   She works Sunday right now but is trying to change her job to something more stable and so she can stop working on Sundays. She is reading the Book of Mormon and she has a good friend in the Church who teaches with us.  I know that she will progress and I am really excited for her.
 Also we have and investigator named B who we haven´t visited for two weeks and she said she was feeling really bad and sad about her life and wanted to know if God really existed. She prayed to ask God to show her that he exists and then 10 minutes later we showed up and knocked on her door.  We just passed to see how she was but she said that we answered her prayer.  So I thought that was really cool to see the spirit of Prayer work 
We had a good week and I am excited to be here right now.

I know that Jesus is the Christ and that he suffered and died for all of us. And when we are having a hard time we can have the confidance that Christ knows how we feel. When times are hard we can know that we are walking in th Footsteps of Christ,. Because Life is hard,  His life was hard so as followers of Christ we will face challenges. that is why our church is small. People have to choose a harder life to follow Christ and many peeple are not willing to do that. But if we perservere we will be blessed and recieve all the the father has. I know this is the true Church and the only true church.

Serioiusly Watch the video I know it will help

Un Abrazo gigante 

Elder Christensen