Monday, November 25, 2013


Wow this week was awesome!  I was a little lost all week with my companion Elder Alfaro. He is really funny and awesome and is helping me a ton here in the mission. He is from Salta Argentina and he has  22 months in the mission so that is cool. He has a lot of experience. But it has been a blast to work with him. The Branch here is really cool. We have a ton of youth that want to split with us and help us. I am super excited to work here. 

We had a baptism Sunday after there was a lot of Craziness.  A member fell and was bleeding from his head, but all good we took care of him and then he came to the baptism of his daughter and his grandson. That was really cool. There are a ton of awesome people here in Melipilla we are finding a lot of investigators. There are a lot of families that are not all members so we have a ton of work too. We also have 6 missionaries for this one branch. The work is working!
First Baptisms since coming to Melipilla

Yesterday we went to visit Sister C, who recently got baptized. She is super cool!!! She rents rooms to college students who study here in Melipilla, she gave a Book of Mormon to  every one that lives in her house. They read it together and it is so cool. She always is sharing the Gospel with her neighbors and inviting people to read the Book of Mormon and her Husband O does the same and he hasn’t even been baptized. He is awesome!!!! We invited him to be baptized and he said Bueno for the 22 of December. And then I said I loved him and he said good lets get married!! So that was funny he is a Jokester.  All in all we are all good.  I love the mission. I just feel so good right now. I fell relaxed and happy. I know the Book of Mormon is true. There is no other book in the world that is better.

Love Elder Christensen

Baptism before I left the last area

send off party

Good bye Elder C and Elder L

Saying good bye to first Companion Elder C from Spain


Monday, November 18, 2013


Two words that are very special for me now. I think I am starting to feel like Eliza must have felt when she started the mission. I just got moved to a new ward in Melipilla which is more of the country. We live in a little town and on one side of the street there are houses and a mall and on the other side, there is a cow farm. It is fun to see and to get to know Chile outside of Santiago. I am about 1 hour outside of Santiago. I am almost to the Beach but it is about 30 minutes more by bus. I am super excited. My companion is Elder Alfaro from Argentina.  He is really cool. We are both new to the ward.  We don’t know anyone. We don’t know where we are or who our investigators are. But we are both super excited to work and I am happy to be here.
                                                                            Melipilla Chile

They called us Saturday and said the Elder Largo and I are leaving so we started to say goodbye to everyone.  Elder Camus, my first companion, finished his mission today.  It is so crazy how time pass so fast. I am all over the place right now.  I can’t even focus really well because we have so much to do!!  I love the mission.  I know that the most important part is that we can enjoy our time that we have to serve the Lord with our whole hearts.

It was hard to say goodbye to all the families I got to know in El Mirador for the past 7 months. But I am also super excited to get to work here in Melipilla. We have an investigator in El Mirador named Doris who was super mad that we left and also some of the members were sad, but I know it is for something. They need to know other missionaries. I am happy for Elder Largo too. I know he will be able to keep learning more with a different companion. I have a ton of pictures to send but I can’t. I don’t know what I can do about that but I hope I will be able to fix the problem. 

Thanks for all the love and support I hope you all know I love this work and I love you but more than anything I love my Father in heaven and his son Jesus Christ.


Elder Christensen

LDS Meeting house in Melipilla

Monday, November 11, 2013

Esta semana

This week we got a lot of help from the members and we had some funny experiences. First we invited a member to teach with us and he is a little deaf. So we started to teach the plan of salvation and out of no where he started testifying about The Book of Mormon. So it went kind of like this, ´Ok so where did we come from and how did we get to earth?  El Hermano then said I know the book of Mormon will bless your life and will help you overcome your trials. What? So we just taught The Book of Mormon because he couldn’t hear. 

This Saturday we have a baptism!  It will be super fun and she is named T. Just to start off the story, we did not do anything!!! It was all the spirit. About 4 months ago, we got to church and there was a couple there and the man named J said this is my girlfriend T and she wants to get baptized. So we started teaching her and she completed with everything. Then she went to the south for vacations and she read the Book of Mormon Every DAY!!!!!!!!  She is in Mosiah. And now she will get baptized this Saturday she got back from the south two Saturdays ago and came to church the next day. MIRACLES!

I testify that God is a God of miracles and if he wants something to happen it will happen we just have to trust him.  If we trust in him and have faith all things are possible.

Love,  Elder Christensen
I love you mom

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hola Familia

This week was good.  We had a fireside yesterday with President and Sister Barreiros.  They are so cool!! I am so glad they are here to lead the mission. They are really helping the members to get more involved in the work of salvation. How are your efforts for the Work of salvation? I hope we are looking and praying and also acting on opportunities to share the Gospel.  I know that God will guide us, he just needs a willing mind.
This week we had a miracle. We were teaching someone named T about three months ago but she left to go south to take care of her mom. She got back this week and came to church alone on Sunday. She talked to me and said that she wants to be baptized and she is ready.  We are going to have a baptism for the 16 of November.  It will be so Cool!!!  I love Miracles. I thought I would be long gone from this ward when she got back but I know that God has his own plan. That is so comforting.
Here in Chile they are already preparing for Christmas. So that is fun and it is getting hot here!! Like 80 degrees, but that is what Christmas is all about right?  the Heat!! Thanks for all your support.  I love you all. I know that Jesus Christ already paid for all so we just have to work as hard as we can to follow him. He is easily pleased but hard to satisfy because God and Christ know our potential. Do we? I know that we are Children of God and we can one day become like Him. I love my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. I love you all! 

Elder Christensen