Monday, September 29, 2014


I was sent on two divisions this week with some missionaries who really needed help. I was really worried about them too. I didn’t know what I was going to say or do to help them. Some missionaries have been saying I just give everyone palos, corrections. But I didn’t want them to feel angry or discouraged. I wanted them to change. The divisions were good I got to know two good missionaries who were just confused or lost in a sense. It is so easy to get distracted here, maybe with a comp who is disobedient or just not focusing 100 percent in the work. But I felt good after. I know that God helped me and I hope these missionaries felt something and change, so they can have success.

I feel like I still have to learn so much and improve so much but there is no time. I need to teach better, I need to talk with everyone and etc. But I feel like a deadline is coming up and I’m not ready. Truly I don’t know if I’m ready for the mission to end but It isn’t my choice anyway. I’m nervous. I don’t know what I still need to do I just know I have to keep working and working and being a good missionary. 

We had a baptism that fell through because he has cancer and had to go to the hospital hopefully this week he will be baptized!
Love you mom and dad

Elder Christensen
The sign says "cheerful"

Monday, September 22, 2014


This week was Chile independence week!! It’s really just the 18th, but people celebrate Sunday to Sunday. There were a lot of BBQ’s and empanadas and drunk people. We ate Lamb toasted on a stick! That was sweet. We also ate a ton of meat and stuff. We still had a good week. We thought the attendance would go down at church because of the parties but it went up so that was awesome!

We had a miracle, too, because we have a baptism this week of a man named Javier.  He wants to be baptized and everything but his health is a problem because he is fighting with cancer so he hasn’t come to church. But he told us he was going Sunday.  He needed to or his baptism date would fail.  We waited and waited. But the meeting started and he didn’t get there. I played the piano, looking for him the whole time and I didn’t see him. Then we took the sacrament and I stopped looking, but right after I looked behind me and he was there with his wife!! It was awesome! So he will be baptized Sunday after church.


Also we found a new investigator who told us that we gave him hope 5 years ago because a missionary passed by and gave him a picture of Jesus and he kept it and he was very thankful for the Jehovah’s witnesses...awkward. Then he asked us our names and said oh you’re the Helmers!!! hahaha That was a good time.

Thanks for everything I love you guys
Elder Christensen
PS Got my travel plans sad

Monday, September 15, 2014

Good times and Bad times, but really all Good!

Funny story: we lost an investigator this week because I called her to set up and appointment with her. I knew that she was living with a man and they were not married, but a member told me that they were really living in two different houses. So I called her and said," hey how are you and how is your...FRIEND." She got mad and said she doesn’t want to listen to us anymore because I said friend and not husband. It was funny.

Also this week with our new comp elder Candia we finally brought an investigator to church named Natividad. She is an ex Jehovah’s witness and wants to get to know the church. She came but had to leave early so she left right after the sacrament. But, as is Chilean custom she kissed elder Candia on the cheek to say goodbye. But... missionaries can’t do that. We actually told her but she forgot. Well that happens every once in a while… we get kissed...weird. But the funny part of the story is Elder Candia was sitting on the front row and the Bishopric, the Stake president and the second counselor were there and they all saw it. It was right after he presented himself to the ward! It was awesome hahaha.
Juan Luis and me
Getting Baptized 9 months after I met him in the streets of Melipilla
Highlight of the week: I went back to Melipilla on Saturday to baptized Jose Luis. I thought he would never get baptized. We taught him for three months about 2 times a week and he came to church every week but never got baptized. He had a lot of challenges. But he talked to President Barreiros and asked if I could baptized him, so I got permission. I am so happy for him. His family came, not all, but a lot of them. He thanked me for stopping in the street that summer day in December to talk with him about the church and soccer. We just invited him to play soccer at the church and go to church on Sunday and he came. He’s 54 or something but a life long friend too. That was a miracle.


I really do believe in miracles. We never know who is watching or who needs our help. The spirit will guide us, we just need to have faith and act when we feel like we should. I thought what would have happened if I never stopped with Elder Alfaro that day to talked to Jose Luis in the street. He would still be looking for purpose and answers to unanswerable questions. This is Gods work. It cant be stopped because He is at the head of it. It will move on with or without us. But a lot better with our help. I know God loves us and trusts us to guide our brothers and sisters back to him! The book of Mormon is true too I know it!!
Love you mom and dad!

Elder Christensen


Tuesday, September 9, 2014


This week we had changes. Obviously I didn’t get changed nor my comp Elder Stephens, but we added a new companion.  We are in a trio.  I’m so excited I’ve never worked in a trio before so were going to see how it works out. Our new comp is named Elder Candia. He’s from Peru and is awesome. We were together in Melipilla. He was one of the District leaders so I’m pretty happy.

Also another miracle happened.  I found a man in Melipilla named Jose Luis who became an investigator but never got baptized for some personal problems that he had. Now he’s getting baptized-- 9 months after I found him with Elder Alfaro in the streets of Melipilla contacting. And I get to baptize him. So Saturday, I’m going over to Melipilla to baptize him!! That is such a miracle!!
No effort is lost.

We have a lot to do here still

I was reading today in the General Conference about ministering. That is to help Gods children feel and understand the love he has for them. We are all tools in Gods hands and he needs us to minister to his children. There are so many people who need help in the world, physically and spiritually. And God uses us. What a blessing he trusts us. All we have to do is pray for opportunities to minister and look for them. And God will put people in our lives that need our help. And then we just need to help them feel loved. I know Ministering to Gods children, our brothers and sisters, is such a blessing. I think that is why sharing the Gospel strengthens us and helps us progress so much. We are always trying to focus on others.
I love the Gospel. I know Christ lives, I know He loves us. And if we look at all people like our own brothers and sisters we will come to love them and we will be able to help them to feel God’s love. I learned that this week. Now when I teach I try to imagine that I’m teaching James or Ben or Amelia Sarah Jacob or even Mom or dad. And it helps me love the people I teach.
I know this church is true, it is the restored church of Christ, I don’t doubt it. But like Alma, I know.
Elder Christensen

Monday, September 1, 2014


Well, the zone here is pretty hard. That makes me really excited because we can only get better and I know that God is getting ready just to bless us and help us have success here. I met some members this week and I am really excited to get to know them more and work with them.
W got two references this week and they are pretty great people I know they will get baptized. But we have a lot to do. I am so happy to be back in the field. There is nothing better.
I missed the walking all day, looking for new people to teach, and just falling in bed from being so tired and just waking up a second later...but its 6 30.
It rained really hard the other day and everyone told us about it but we didn’t hear anything because.,...zzzzzzzzzzz. Sweet!!

I’ve been reading a lot of the conference talks.  I know that God puts us where he needs us and where we can work the best. I know that there are people here who need my help and I need theirs. My comp is sweet!  He’s from Star Valley Wyoming-- Elder Stephens. I sent a foto home. We have a lot of work to do.

I feel like the missionaries in this zone don’t understand how vital they are to this work. I read the story of the 2000 stripling warriors today and I really love this story. Antipus and his men were tired and were ready to die defending their cities. When the Strippling warriors got there, they received great hope and joy. And theeir example was even greater.  They were valiant, obedient, no fear, thanks to the moms. This is how we are as missionaries. The wards here are fighting and they are tired. They need the help of the young blood--the missionaries, for this work to progress. I know we will have success here if all the missionaries understand their own importance in this work. They will work as hard as they can. I love the Book of Mormon!! 

Also preached with an Evangelic yesterday- it was weird, but he asked us to preach in the street. We just said Christ lives and then we left.

Love you all 

Elder Christensen

My Sector La Costa

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