Monday, September 22, 2014


This week was Chile independence week!! It’s really just the 18th, but people celebrate Sunday to Sunday. There were a lot of BBQ’s and empanadas and drunk people. We ate Lamb toasted on a stick! That was sweet. We also ate a ton of meat and stuff. We still had a good week. We thought the attendance would go down at church because of the parties but it went up so that was awesome!

We had a miracle, too, because we have a baptism this week of a man named Javier.  He wants to be baptized and everything but his health is a problem because he is fighting with cancer so he hasn’t come to church. But he told us he was going Sunday.  He needed to or his baptism date would fail.  We waited and waited. But the meeting started and he didn’t get there. I played the piano, looking for him the whole time and I didn’t see him. Then we took the sacrament and I stopped looking, but right after I looked behind me and he was there with his wife!! It was awesome! So he will be baptized Sunday after church.


Also we found a new investigator who told us that we gave him hope 5 years ago because a missionary passed by and gave him a picture of Jesus and he kept it and he was very thankful for the Jehovah’s witnesses...awkward. Then he asked us our names and said oh you’re the Helmers!!! hahaha That was a good time.

Thanks for everything I love you guys
Elder Christensen
PS Got my travel plans sad

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